I am a PhD Candidate at New York University Tandon School of Engineering. I graduated from University of Warsaw with both BS (2013) and MS (2015) degrees. Currently, my primary research area is Information Retrieval, including distributed web search and efficient query processing.

Research Projects

I am participating in the project Index Sharding and Query Routing in Distributed Search Engines founded by an NSF grant.


Michał Siedlaczek, Juan Rodriguez, Torsten SuelExploiting Global Impact Ordering for Higher Throughput in Selective Search. In Proceedings of 41st European Conference on Information Retrieval. 2019.

Antonio Mallia, Michał Siedlaczek, Torsten Suel. An Experimental Study of Index Compression and DAAT Query Processing Methods. In Proceedings of 41st European Conference on Information Retrieval. 2019.

Michał Siedlaczek, Qi Wang, Yen-Yu Chen, and Torsten Suel. Fast bag-of-words candidate selection in content-based instance retrieval systems. In Proceedings of 2018 IEEE Big Data Conference. 2018.


Visit my LinkedIn page for more information about my background and work experience. You’re also welcome to look around my GitHub repositories. I recommend looking into Qutebrowser, which is a keyboard-driven web browser I recently contributed some code to: the Vim users out there will definitely appreciate it.


I like writing in my spare time, so I will sporadically add some content of various type to the Blog section. If you want to find out about my dog’s adventure, check out munchkinpaw.com.