ACM Paper Publisher’s Toolkit

In this post, I’d like to present a few helpful tools for writing and publishing a paper in ACM format. I start with mentioning Vim—arguably the best text editor out there—and some optional, albeit useful, plugins for Markdown syntax highlighting. Markdown is a plain-text formatting syntax that can be later exported to various publishing formats, such as PDF or HTML. Actually, I suggest using Pandoc’s Markdown extension and their conversion tool, as it’s more expressive and powerful. I show how to create a custom ACM template to automate exporting it to PDF. Finally, I talk about how to use R and ggplot2 library to export plots directly to Latex to achieve typesetting matching the ACM template.


The Tear Collector

It was a lazy, peaceful evening. Nothing in particular had been going on until somebody hammered at my door. I approached it rather unsettled but I opened it right away. A young girl appeared in front of me. It was difficult to tell her age with a high degree of accuracy. Although her face was childlike, something about her unmistakably gave away the fact that she hadn’t been a kid for a long time; somehow it couldn’t have been clearer.

At first, we were just staring at each other. The look in her eyes expressed how obvious the reason for our meeting was. I, on the other hand, had no clue, and I’m quite certain this was what my own eyes conveyed. But she didn’t notice, did she? She kept staring at me as though she was waiting for me to do what I was apparently supposed to do.